Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When i first started my shop I wanted this hugh place with lots of room. Over time i have come to realize  that just means more bills! life is way to short to live just to pay bills. Before you know it its gonna be over and all thats left is what you did on this earth. Not how much money you had in the bank... So i found these pics on a blog last week, not sure which one but this dude has the perfect set up. What i would do to have that shit in my backyard! I guess the point im trying to make is its the little things in life that make it all worth doing... but what the fuck do i know! Fuck it build kool shit!

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  1. Brother I'm headed back to the back yard approach as we speak! Had a couple of big shops to build hot rods and bikes, about 15,000 sq ft, and now about 2000 sq ft. The all mighty dollar don't mean shit compared to my work to show off!! Thanks for posting this! Tim